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5 Ways to Get Your Booth Noticed

Digital displays are quite commonplace at trade shows, and for good reason. They’re easily customizable, offering you the potential to create a dynamic display with great visual appeal.

But while lots of companies simply slap their name and products on their screens and call it a day, very few use them to their fullest potential. If you want to attract eyeballs with content that showgoers will want to learn about, read our five tips on content creation for digital displays. TIP #1 Showcase brand-focused content about your company

  • Tell people who you are and what you do. Keep it succinct but make it meaningful.

  • A slogan is catchy, but it’s likely meaningless to a visitor who’s just wandering by your booth. Attendees should be drawn in by a promise of what you can give them.

  • Once they’re in your booth, make it easy for them to navigate to more detailed content or to booth staff for a demonstration.

TIP #2 Provide specific information about your products and services

  • Make product & service info easy to read using well-written, bulleted text.

  • Brand information, stats, and FAQs are good options.

  • This draws in people who are genuinely interested and are more likely to become leads.

TIP #3 Add product demonstrations

  • Short demo clips help your audience visualize how they would use your product.

  • Since the show floor is noisy, use an eye-catching demo without audio.

  • This way you’ll generate interest and draw them into the booth.

TIP #4 Display testimonials and reviews

  • Testimonials show proof of the value of your offerings.

  • If people see that their peers are already using your products, that’s a powerful incentive to learn more.

  • Use video clips with intriguing text quotes or feature rotating reviews.

TIP #5 Show real-time social media updates

  • Social media is a great tool for building brand awareness, generating leads, and getting to know your audience.

  • At trade shows, it can help you collect, provide information, and publicize your booth.

  • A digital display that provides real-time trade show updates or follows what people are saying about your brand both generates interest and keeps people focused on your booth.

  • Understanding your visibility at a trade show is made easy with a hashtag. Add it to your digital display to encourage people to use it when they post about you.

  • When visitors follow you on social media, you have the chance to develop new, long-term customer relationships.

  • Leverage the power of social proof. If your audience is visibly saying good things about your brand and your booth on social media, others will be more likely to come by to see what you have to offer.

  • For best results, coordinate with your social accounts to make sure you’ve got plenty of follower interaction taking place during the show. If you display your social media presence for all to see, there must be something worthwhile for them to look at.

  • Have a member of your staff monitor social media interaction. They should know how to navigate any negative feedback, but, more importantly, should be a good brand spokesperson who can interact with posters in real-time.

Digital Content: Outside Versus Inside As you see in the tips we’ve just outlined, the content you display on digital signage outside your booth will differ from what you display inside. Outside the booth, your content should focus on drawing in traffic. Once they’re inside, digital displays can inform, educate, and direct them.

For instance, an exterior digital display might focus on social media and other forms of social proof. When you want to attract visitors, your best bet is to prove you have something valuable to offer. Testimonials and an active social media account are great ways to do this.

Inside the booth, your digital displays should be primed to deliver information that’s focused on what you can do for your visitors. An interactive screen that offers product or service information, demonstrations, and other targeted information is your best bet.

Digital Displays Help You Tell Your Story Used correctly, digital displays tell the story of your brand and how customers can benefit from the products and services that you offer. Custom video content production, like that offered by Deforest Group in the examples in this blog post is one of the best ways to take advantage of the expanse of those screens. With so much potential, don’t let those displays go to waste! By carefully selecting the content you provide and where you display it you can give people the right information at the right time. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, your booth staff can pick up the narrative and start a conversation. And speaking of starting a conversation, click here for your free, no obligation consultation with the content creation pros at Deforest Group about your upcoming trade show and let us help you craft the right digital message to make your next event a tremendous success!


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