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Behind the Scenes: 2021 Holiday Card

Today we’re giving you a little glimpse into the inner workings of our operation as we created our 2021 holiday video greeting.

As with every great idea, our 2021 holiday card was a collaborative effort among our entire staff. Typically, we start throwing around ideas in late summer so we’re ready to go into production when we have a rare gap in the shooting schedule. After a team brainstorming session, a storyboard was developed to start visualizing the look.

Because many will gather among family and small groups this year for the holidays, we ended up with the concept of showing what goes into preparing that special holiday meal. Our team went to work selecting various items that would make a great meal, and be fun to show in preparation, including revealing some of the secret tricks we use to bring that perfect look to food when shooting photography or video.

Our team staged food items on the set to determine angles, lighting, additional propping that’s needed, and then saved that as the template for capturing the actual footage.

The shoot progressed as each course of the meal was prepared by the food stylist, brought to set, and captured by the team.

Our food stylist had all the tricks and tools to pull off melty butter and a sizzling steak...

The finished video (see below) blends many of the creative ways we promote products and ideas on behalf of our clients, and by the end of the process the whole team was in the holiday spirit and ready to celebrate.

And in the end, our holiday meal is plated and served… now doesn’t that just make your mouth water?


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