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Food Photography... There's More To It Than Clicking The Shutter!

In a world of Instagram food images and the daily “Here’s What’s Happening In Food” imagery on Facebook, everyone is a food photographer —or so they think.

But even the best software filtering and processing canʼt measure up to the excellence you receive from a true professional food photo studio. In the past, we’ve talked with potential clients about why they should hire a professional food photographer, but that’s really only half of the story... as in, there’s more than just pressing the shutter.

Enter the food photo stylist. A food photo stylist brings to the table the experience of an art director and may have even gone to culinary school. Itʼs truly the visual intersection of two passions: food and photography.

For budget-conscious brands and single-unit restaurants, it’s vital to get the most bang for your photography buck. Photo shoots can be expensive endeavors when set up with the appropriate professionals, studio, propping, lighting and more, but there’s no better way to make people crave your food than with expert food styling and photography. It’s money well spent... and deep down, you know that’s true.

So to summarize the ways that you can expect a food stylist to contribute to your next food photo shoot, below are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Elevates the look of your product

  • Assures a successful shoot

  • Brings ton of experience to handle issues that come up

  • Can help with recipe ideas

  • Works on set with the photographer to ensure the product looks the best it can

Think about these points the next time you consider the value of your food-related product, and then give us a call… maybe it’s time we work together.


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