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Getting Noticed: Standing Out on the Shelf and In-Hand

A package’s first impression can be the difference between success and failure in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Despite the growth of online shopping, the importance of creating impactful and noticeable packaging continues to create a point of difference. Experts agree that packaging has a critical role in a product getting noticed on shelf, as well as at the same time to engage and delight the consumer in their hand.

And even with this shift to online purchases, packaging that is designed so that it gets noticed continues to impact consumers by virtue of the brand affinity that great packaging creates in the buyer’s mind.

The importance of standing out on supermarket shelves or even in a consumer’s kitchen pantry cannot be understated. Also, creating an impact in the hands of consumers continues to be a top challenge for brands and retailers. Color schemes, package shapes, readability are all critical elements, and today you layer onto that recipe the fact that consumers expect and are even demanding that packaging be sustainable.

Check out our earlier post on The 5 Rules of Packaging Design and if you’re ready to hire a team that understands the challenge and can deliver great design, contact us today!


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