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Maskies are the NEW selfie!

#Maskie is the new hashtag of our time. Why take a selfie when you can take a #maskie?

In the age of the coronavirus, the hashtag has been swiftly appropriated from the beauty hordes who previously used it alongside wide-eyed pics of themselves in various mud and clay facial mask treatments. These women will probably need a new hashtag, because if you search it on Instagram nowadays, you’ll find lots of pictures of people wearing face coverings in the name of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

In the week since the CDC told Americans to wear face masks in public, sewing instructions circulated online and many Americans grabbed whatever mask they could make or get. But a certain aesthetically conscious portion of the population became aware that face masks can be cute. You know, sewn from cloth shades that flatter skin tones. With attractive patterns. Enter #maskie.

Coming next, ironic #maskie designs. We’ll keep you updated.


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