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Patriotic Smoothies Recipe

To all Americans, Happy Independence Day! As the team at Deforest Group enjoys some well-earned time off, we wanted to share with you a fabulous smoothie recipe from one of our food stylists. Enjoy this refreshing and tasty smoothie as you relax with friends and family over the 4th of July weekend!

Patriotic Smoothies Recipe

· 1 quart of Organic Original Coconut Milk, divided

· 3 small bananas

· ¾ cup Organic Frozen Raspberries

· 1/3 cup Organic Frozen Strawberries

· 1¼ cup Organic Frozen Blueberries

· 2 tablespoons Organic Agave Nectar, divided

· 1 cup Organic Grape Juice

· ¼ cup finely shredded coconut

Pour 2 cups coconut milk into clean ice cube trays and freeze until solid; refrigerate remaining coconut milk. Peel 2 bananas, cut into halves and freeze in a small plastic bag until solid.

Chill 2 large or 4 small glasses in freezer 30 to 45 minutes. Make red layer by combining raspberries, strawberries, ½ frozen banana, 1 cup refrigerated coconut milk, ½ cup coconut ice cubes (about 4 large) and 1 tablespoon agave nectar in a large blender container. Blend until smooth and pour evenly into chilled glasses. Keep glasses in freezer while blending next layers. Add blueberries, grape juice, ½ frozen banana and ½ cup coconut ice cubes to blender container, blend until smooth and pour evenly over red layer in glasses; keep frozen.

Clean and dry blender container; add fresh banana, remaining frozen banana, 1 cup refrigerated coconut milk, ¾ cup coconut ice cubes (about 6 large), 3 tablespoons shredded coconut and remaining agave nectar; blend until smooth and pour over blue layer in glasses. Garnish with remaining shredded coconut and fresh berries, if desired. 2 large or 4 regular servings.

Preparation time: 45 minutes

Freezing time: 4 hours

Recipe by Becky Roller, Food Stylist


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