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How To Plan a Successful Video Production

Every great video production starts with a strong video brief. Since we recognize that kicking off a video project can be a daunting task, our creative and production teams decided to develop a simple series of questions to help guide you through the process of creating a brief to get your project off the ground.

Why is it important to have a brief? Because it takes time, money, energy, and resources to get all the necessary information about your business, market, and goals from you and down on paper. By following the steps in our guide, you’ll save some money and shave some time off your project by being better prepared when you sit down with your video production team.

In this post, we provide “the basics” that will get you and your team pointed in the right direction as you think through your project. The key is to download our FREE planning checklist to make sure you’re considering all aspects of the project before you create your brief.


Key Points in Writing Your Brief

What is the goal of the video?

While this may seem like a broad question, the answer video producers are looking for is what kind of video it is that you need:

  • Is it simply a business or product explainer?

  • Are you looking to raise awareness and want the video for social media?

  • Do you want to drive traffic to your website with a pre-roll video?

  • Is it meant to entertain while also providing a revenue stream?

  • Are you trying to generate sales leads and/or conversions?

Who is your audience?

This is where the demographic information that you have about your target audience will come into play. Producers like to know as much as possible about them so they can focus on a visual treatment that will keep their interest.

What’s the key message?

Obviously, this is tied to the goal of the video, but in a more specific and narrow statement. If there was one thing that you would want a viewer to take away from your video, what would it be… that is your key message.

What video style are you after?

Providing links to some examples of video styles that you feel fit your goals is a great starting point. Also, if you already have branding guidelines and/or a “style guide” for your brand and your products, include that as well.

What are the deliverables?

This is where you identify the final “thing” that you want the producers to provide to you. This should include specs such as video format and duration. Keep in mind that we can also capture “B” Roll footage at the same time which allows you to repurpose it for other uses down the road.

How will you distribute this video?

This is important because it impacts the overall project development so provide details such as:

  • Is this a broadcast commercial or a video that will only be featured on the web?

  • Is it for in-house company meetings, indoor digital displays, or passed around via social media?

  • If it’s a commercial entertainment project, how are you marketing it?

    • Google AdWords

    • YouTube promotions

    • Social media platforms

When is the deadline?

This is one of the most important things a video producer will need to know upfront. If this is a rush job, there may be extra fees related to completing the project in a shorter-than-normal timeframe. Allow yourself 1-2 months in additional upfront time if you need to conduct a search for the right producers.

What’s the budget?

A realistic budget is crucial for a successful video to meet its goals and achieve a good return on your investment. A video producer will be able to discuss this with you, and help you arrive at a good project number.


Ready to begin the process? Click below to get your FREE video planning template to make the job of creating your brief even easier!

One last thing... if you’re too busy to create a brief, arrange a discovery call with our team — there is no obligation, and we make it fast and painless!


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