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Taking the Guesswork Out of Food Packaging Photography

In today’s cluttered marketplace of food products, the design and photography used in your packaging plays an ever more crucial role. How the combination of that design and imagery come together to showcase your product on the supermarket shelves can make or break its success.

That's why we’re sharing the critically important information in this blog post on how our photography services offer a systematic approach that eliminates guesswork, helping marketers and designers create the perfect food product images for their packaging.

Defining Your Vision

The first step in our process is understanding the vision for your photography. We work closely with you to determine how you want to market your product. Do you want a simple photograph of just the product, an enticing serving suggestion, or a shot highlighting fresh ingredients? This decision is critical because it can make your product more appealing and memorable on the shelf.

Consistency Matters

Consistency is key in food product packaging. To ensure uniformity, we make sure that the parameters we set for your line of products maintains consistent lighting, angle, and placement on the package. This helps create a cohesive and visually appealing line of products on shelf.

Handling Multiple Products

If you have multiple products in your line, it’s important that you consider how to differentiate between them effectively. This can be achieved through color coding, whether through graphics in the packaging design or through the use of different props in the photography. We also assess whether the same image can work for all pack sizes or if adjustments are needed for larger package sizes.

Recipe Development

For ingredient-based products, offering serving suggestions and inspirational recipes is essential. Our stylists specialize in recipe development, ensuring your product not only looks good but also inspires your customers to create delicious meals using your product as a cornerstone.

Back Panel Brilliance

The back panel of your packaging is an excellent space to showcase lifestyle imagery that expresses your product's attributes. We also consider additional product pieces or flavor cues that can enhance the overall appeal. This space is critically important in how it’s used so discuss this with your product team before planning your shoot to make sure you identify what specifics might need to be shot for this area.

On-Screen Templates

To ensure precise alignment between the packaging design and photography, our photographers display the packaging art on-screen so you can immediately see how your image will look on pack. This helps us achieve a perfect fit without compromising your product's visual appeal.

Futureproofing Your Brand

We understand the importance of planning for future product line extensions or changes. Our team documents the entire process, from props and backgrounds to lighting setups and post-production editing, so that future photo shoots seamlessly match your existing product line.

Preparing for Design Flexibility

We understand that providing a variety of components like blank backgrounds, individual props, and isolated elements to support designers during revisions and adjustments is critical in maintaining this process so that it is repeatable yet flexible. That way, any changes in the product lineup, or even in the team managing the product line, will still allow for a seamless experience.

In Conclusion

Our food photography process is more than just taking pictures; it's about elevating your product's visual presence and helping marketers and designers make informed decisions. By eliminating guesswork and considering every aspect of your packaging needs, we empower you to create stunning images that captivate consumers and drive sales. With marked and coded props, digitally archived contact sheets, and a keen eye for future possibilities, our approach ensures that your brand remains fresh, dynamic, and ready for whatever the market throws your way.

To learn more about how Deforest Group can bring this amazing process to your next packaging project, contact us today!


Do you want to get a head start on making your next food packaging shoot more efficient? Click here to get our FREE “Checklist” that streamlines the process for you! And if you need more help, the team at Deforest Group stands ready to help!

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